New Jersey Nursing Homes Get A “B”!

Living in a nursing home is never a first choice.  Most people want to keep their independence as long as possible.

If you are no longer able to care for yourself, one option is to hire an aide to help you in your home.  The aide can work as many hours a day as you need.  If you need 24 hour care, an aide can live in your home full time.  My mother was bedridden during the last few years of her life but she was able to stay in her home by hiring a live-in aide.

Another option is to move into an assisted living facility.  An assisted living facility is like an apartment complex where you can get the help you need to stay in your own place.  So you retain your privacy and as much independence as possible.

If a nursing home is needed, New Jersey’s nursing homes compare well to other nursing homes nationally.  If you check out, you will find that New Jersey nursing homes got a “B” on their report card.