Veterans’ Benefits

We help our clients apply and qualify for veterans benefits.
Veterans of the United States armed forces may be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In addition, their dependents and survivors may also be eligible for benefits.

Medical Care

The VA provides health care benefits to veterans. The plan covers a number of health care services, including preventative services, diagnostic and treatment services, and hospitalization. It may also cover nursing home and other long-term care options.

Who is Eligible?

To receive care, most veterans must be enrolled in the VA health system. Eligibility for the health system depends on a number of factors, including the nature of your discharge from military service, your length of service, whether you have service-connected disabilities, your income level, and available VA resources, among others.

What Is Covered

The standard benefits package includes: Preventative care services, outpatient diagnostic and treatment services (including mental health and substance abuse treatment), inpatient diagnostic and treatment services, prescriptions, and long-term care (including nursing home care for some veterans).

Long-term care. The VA offers a number of long-term care options through its health plan.


There are no costs for certain veterans and low-income veterans.

If you don’t fit into one of those catagories, the VA will ask you to provide your household income and net worth from the previous year. If your income is below certain thresholds, you will not have to make a copayment. Click here to view the thresholds for income. In addition, you must not have more than $80,000 in property. Those whose income exceeds the threshold or who refuse to submit to the means test may have to make a copayment.

Unlike Medicaid program, there is no penalty for transferring assets before applying for veterans benefits, including long-term care. Remember, however, that if you do transfer assets it may affect your eligibility for Medicaid.

Disability Benefits

The VA offers two disability programs

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. Disability compensation is available only for veterans with service-connected disabilities, while the disability pension benefit is available to anyone who served during wartime and has a disability. The disability does not have to be related to military service.

Disability Compensation

If you have an injury or disease that happened while on active duty or if active duty made an existing injury or disease worse, you may be eligible for disability compensation. The amount of compensation you get depends on how disabled you are and whether you have children or other dependents. Click here to see the current compensation rates. Additional funds may be available if you have severe disabilities, such as loss of limbs, or a seriously disabled spouse.

Disability Pension Benefit

The VA pays a pension to disabled veterans who are not able to work. The pension is also available for surviving spouses and children. This pension is available whether or not your disability is service-connected, but to be eligible you must meet the following requirements:

Aid and attendance. A veteran who needs the help of an attendant may qualify for additional help on top of the disability pension benefit. The veteran needs to show that he or she needs the help of an attendant on a regular basis. A veteran who lives in an assisted living facility is presumed to need aid and attendance.

A veteran who meets these requirements will get the difference between his or her income and the MAPR below (2010 figures):

Veteran who needs aid and attendance and has no dependents $19,736

Veteran who needs aid and attendance and has one dependent $23,396